We are former teachers and technologists who are passionate about education.


KickUp Founders

Jeremy Rogoff


Jeremy has been an educator in rural, urban, district and charter schools. He was also a Coro Leadership Fellow and an All-Conference pitcher at Washington University in St. Louis.

His teaching career started in Clarendon, Arkansas and continued at KIPP DC: College Preparatory, where he was inspired to co-found KickUp.  He’s helped secure partnerships, attract investment, and generate interest in KickUp’s vision among K-12 teaching populations.

Eric Krupski


Eric is a Dartmouth graduate with over 11 years of experience in full stack development and engineering leadership.

At KickUp, Eric owns the product development and is accomplished at managing both the softer side of client interaction and the technical nitty-gritty. Eric currently lives in DC with his dog and his wife, a DC school teacher.

Victoria Kinzig


Victoria is a former elementary teacher and ed-tech strategist with a knack for digital creations. She holds a B.A. in Communications from the University of Michigan and a M.S. in Education from the University of Pennsylvania.

At KickUp, Victoria is COO and Product Manager, combining her foundation as an educator with her product savviness.

Our Supporters