A Conversation About Professional Learning Efficacy

“How DO we know whether the professional learning we’re providing impacts student outcomes?”

During the cycle of a fiscal year, the answer to this question, while elusive, also happens to be the multi-million-dollar question district leaders are considering for a variety of grant and funding initiatives, like ESSA. Yet, as human beings limited by the number of hours in a day and neurons in our brains, it can be difficult to find time to take a step back, explore new ideas, and assess ourselves – especially before pushing forward into the unknown.

As a company of facilitators, practitioners and technologists, KickUp is excited to launch a panel style webinar series to create a conversation and address these substantive concerns surrounding the efficacy of professional learning in K-12 education. Our first webinar will focus on helping district school improvement and professional development leaders consider ways to assess the impact of professional learning communities in the middle of the year.


Read about the details of the webinar and tell us what you want us to discuss.

Our goal with this webinar series is not to pretend like we’re experts or offer another talking head webinar. Instead, we hope to generate productive dialogue amongst a diverse group of K-12 leaders responsible for assessing and investing in teacher development to drive excellence and innovation in professional learning efficacy.

All webinars are designed to be participatory, so you’ll be shaping the session with your questions, but we know you’re also busy. All webinars will be recorded and available to listen to in the car, on the go, or quietly in the office.

We want to dive into the gritty, hear stories from the trenches and connect the dots between goal setting, data-collection, finding meaningful insights and making decisions. And ultimately, we want to discuss how to humanize those insights into practical action and tactical steps. Please join us; your voice is valued at the table.

Interested in participating in one of the webinars? Please subscribe to our blog and contact us through our website. We’d love to hear your ideas.

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