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Make collaboration easy.

Leverage your human capital.

support gaps.

Make informed decisions.

Make Collaboration Easy

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Collaboration starts with the teacher. KickUp’s process looks like this:

1. Teachers identify a learning need & KickUp matches them with up to five leaders.

2. Collaborators chat, share resources, and meet in seamless, in-browser video sessions.

3. Collaborators record outcomes to track progress, and in some cases, earn continuing education credit.

Leverage your human capital.

Understand your pool of talent, and give your people the tools to come together around mutual needs, skills, and interests.

Administrators can enlist and verify their own staff as leaders and can empower talented teacher-leaders, providing drastic efficiencies in delivering and funding professional learning.

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Fill support gaps.



Administrators can empower their teachers with access to instructional leaders outside of their community.

Leverage KickUp’s network of highly effective paid leaders or allow teachers to match with with unpaid, verified leaders in partner networks.

Make informed decisions.

KickUp’s reporting features help administrators make sense of the data that is being captured across multiple collaborations.

Parse data by subgroup or individual, identify areas of need, recognize your top leaders, analyze the impact of your PD dollars, and make data-driven improvements to your professional development strategy.

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