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As educators who are passionate about improving our practice, we left the classroom in order to help schools better support teachers. We found that recent dialogue has questioned the mere existence of professional development, and much of the conversation has focused on what’s not working in the field. For that reason, we created The Cycle, where education leaders can join a candid discussion about how schools are taking fresh approaches to providing relevant, inspiring, and effective professional learning. We’re excited and honored to facilitate this dialogue.

In creating The Cycle, we see an opportunity to engage a community of PD leaders around the shared challenges of creating effective learning opportunities for teachers,  as well as a discussion of what is working, what supports are helping teachers shift their practice, and how those supports are improving outcomes for kids. That sense of opportunity is the motivating principle behind “The Cycle,” a shorthand that reminds us of a cycle of continual improvement in professional learning and development.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be sharing perspectives focused on three core areas:

  1. Implementation vs. Relevance: How classroom teachers and administrators differ in their description of the challenges they face in PD
  2. Teacher Agency: Creating opportunities for teacher choice and voice in PD
  3. ESSA and Me: How the new Every Student Succeeds Act will affect the design, implementation, and accountability of PD

Of course, a core tenet of continuous improvement is feedback, and at the Cycle, we’ll continually seek your feedback to ensure the discussion remains relevant and inspiring to you. Please ping us and let us know what other topics you would like us to explore in the world of PD, and we’ll put our best people on it.

We’re looking forward to starting the dialogue with you.

Jeremy and the KickUp team

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