We help school districts assess, manage, and communicate about their professional learning's impact.

Gather better data

Our Client Success team translates your district’s strategic goals into instruments that are carefully designed to produce actionable data and reflect research-based best practices.

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Blended Learning

Manage and align your professional learning events

KickUp’s professional learning management tools make it easy to understand the connection between support efforts and organizational change, while streamlining the nitty gritty of professional learning logistics.

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Monitor and store data in one place

Gather data from different stakeholders and at multiple points in the year, then pull it into one data repository. KickUp does the work of triangulating your data into simple and easy-to-understand reports so that you aren’t stuck jumping between disparate spreadsheets.

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Find meaningful insights

KickUp’s dashboard turns information into insight. Each report is customized by your Client Success Manager to reflect your objectives and provides you with tools that can both zoom out to find high-level trends and zoom in to find individual teacher action steps.

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