Software Engineer


You will build the systems that directly lead to company growth. You will code from day one, deploy often, learn quickly and impact thousands of teachers every day with your decisions. You will help us define and scale our culture and ensure that we never stop valuing user-oriented decisions, collaboration and fast learning.

Why you should join KickUp:

Our Mission: Our mission is to meaningfully engage educators in professional growth. It’s important to us, because education is in our team’s DNA, and because study after study demonstrates that a great teacher can have the single greatest impact on student learning. In order to help teachers grow and implement new initiatives, districts need high-quality professional learning and well-coordinated community-wide efforts, which is easier said than done. KickUp exists to help districts get there, and your work will lead directly to impact.

Our Stack: Our product is a dynamic dashboard that gives educational leaders a coherent and actionable picture of their professional development. We’re using a React-based JavaScript front-end which is served by an API tier written in Django.

Technical Chops:
• 3-4 years experience supporting commercial-grade web apps in production, with real load and scale.
• 1-2 years professional experience with Javascript.
• 2-3 years of professional experience with one of the following server side frameworks: nodejs, django, ruby on rails, or any Java or C#-based MVC framework
• Hacker mentality: either experience working at a startup, has a git-hub hosted personal project, or otherwise demonstrates specific evidence of being scrappy and resourceful

• Flexible PTO program & paid holidays
• Health coverage
• Stock options
• Snacks all day long!
• Office is in the Center City Philadelphia, and easily accessible to public transportation

Apply for this position

Please send your resume and cover letter to with the subject line “Software Engineer.”