"KickUp has changed the way we make decisions. Our PD Committees rely on the data instead of assuming what we think our teachers need."

Ladue School District

Jennifer Allen

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

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Get the information you need to personalize professional learning for your teachers.


Understand the impact of your professional learning plan on teacher growth.

With data collection instruments explicitly aligned to your district’s strategic plan, you’ll capture the information you need to track progress over time. Your KickUp dashboard is custom-built by your Client Success Manager to make analysis easy and give you quick, actionable feedback.


(NEW!) Manage and analyze professional learning events.

The new KickUp events management platform allows you to create PD events for teachers in a user-friendly interface. Events are tied to your objectives, making it easy to trace growth data back to your PD plan.


Find meaningful insights and action plan.

The KickUp dashboard triangulates large data sets and multiple data sources to find trends that might otherwise be obscured. As new data comes in, your Client Success Manager will lead a data review session to break out key insights and help you translate these into action.


Share information with team members.

With KickUp’s flexible sharing tools, you can ensure everyone has the information they need to make data-informed decisions in real time. Share with coaches and principals or make sensitive information anonymous and share with a broader set of stakeholders.

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