"We needed to demonstrate the impact of our $15m STEM grant. With KickUp, I can track how the money translates to change in the classroom."

Houston Independent School District

Adam Stephens

Officer for Innovative Curriculum

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Every successful initiative begins with professional learning.


Demonstrate your program’s value.

KickUp helps you understand and articulate your program’s impact. Your KickUp reports allow you to quantify progress over time and share evidence of a program’s success with grant funders, school boards, or other stakeholders.


Use formative data to make real-time adjustments.

Collect data during implementation, not after. KickUp’s dashboard is designed to give you formative data and the analysis power to translate that data into action steps, so you can shift strategies to support teacher needs as they surface.


Align data collection to your initiative’s timeline and goals.

Your data collection tools are custom made by the KickUp Client Success team of former educators, who partner with you to explicitly align data-collection with your program’s goals or district-wide strategic plan while grounding it in researc


Share information across teams and to different users.

Use KickUp’s flexible sharing tools to give coaches, principals, or other staff access to reports so that everyone has the information they need to make data-informed decisions. With one click, you can set limits on what users can see or make sensitive information anonymous.

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