"KickUp provides a 360-degree view of our district-wide progress. Now I can be laser-focused on the areas in which we need to improve."

Belton School District

Lorenzo Rizzi

Assistant Superintendent of School Improvement

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Build capacity in your teachers, leaders, and staff.


Ground professional learning in your district’s strategic plan.

Starting with your strategic plan or program objectives, KickUp’s team of data specialists work to develop practical, research-based instruments that will clearly answer the question: “How are we progressing towards our strategic goals, and how should we deploy our resources to get where we need to go?”


Use formative data to make real-time adjustments.

KickUp’s clear and actionable dashboards help you keep an eye on teacher progress as it happens and easily pinpoint schools, sites or teachers in need of additional support.


Demonstrate your professional learning’s value and impact.

KickUp’s elegant report-building tools allow you to triangulate multiple sources of data (such as needs assessments, walkthroughs, community surveys, and self-reflections) to capture key insights and visualize growth over time. As new data comes in, the KickUp team leads your staff through strategic data review sessions that unpack and translate data into action.


Communicate decisions and information transparently.

KickUp’s flexible report-sharing tools allow you to share a compelling story that builds community buy-in and makes decision-making transparent.

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