How Do We Prioritize Professional Development?


We know that high quality support for teachers is game-changing for our students, yet it can be hard to make a priority. In this podcast, KickUp CEO Jeremy Rogoff reflects on his own experience as a teacher, noting that while educators and administrators would like to devote significant time, thought, and energy to professional development, the daily realities that take place in a school can often prevent that from happening.

Listen here or read the transcript below:

Jeremy: You know I was a teacher, I taught in the Mississippi Delta, I taught high school algebra and Spanish, and I loved teaching. But I wanted to improve, I wanted to see my students improve and I didn’t feel like I had the resources when comes to training and professional development that I needed. So I decided to continue my teaching career in Washington DC at KIPP, which was the highest performing open enrollment school in DC, and I went there really optimistic about my opportunity to grow and just see other great teachers in action. But I found a similar issue that I found in Arkansas, which was, you know, my time as a teacher was so limited and there were so many other things that I had on my plate — from grading assessments, to calling parents, to just dealing with the daily realities of being a teacher. My professional development never rose to the top in my own priorities and it didn’t necessarily rise to the top in my school’s priorities because my school leader was dealing with so many different things — some of the same things that I was dealing with as a teacher. And as exceptional as she was, there never felt like there was enough time in the day for teachers to be able to learn from each other and to grow.

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